Public Bike System in Canberra

Public Bike System to be established in Canberra is an easy to use, low-cost public transportation that makes gas-guzzling modes a thing of the past. The system will launch 300 stations with an access fee of $5 to borrow the bike. The first 30 minutes will be free and additional fee will be charged for each subsequent 30-minute period lapsed. The project will use solar power and Radio-frequency identification (RFID) to identify and track the bikes. The system will serve a wider urban population.

Problem and proposed objectives

Canberra has a growing population in demand of transportation services. The current train and bus systems are rigid and cannot meet the changing transportation needs of the residents of Canberra. The aim of this project is to establish a low….

Dragon Wool Ltd.

Dragon Wool Ltd. is a Welsh-based clothing manufacturer, specialised in woollen accessories such as hats, gloves, and scarfs. Every January of each year, the CEO organises an annual meeting with management teams and discusses the business plan for the forthcoming season. Due to the market uncertainty caused by Brexit, prior to the meeting the CEO asked Susan, the Head of Finance, Jane, the Marketing Director, and Mark, the Operations Director to come up with potential directions that the company could take in 2017. Suggestions are described below. However, as they contain complex information, the CEO approached you – a Business Consultant – and asked if you could analyse the data and provide him some advice on future direction.


Please read the following suggestions carefully and answer the….